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Research Cruises:

Two joint research cruises have been performed, the reports are published her:

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Topic 2. Carbon sequestration in the Indonesian Seas and its global significances: Generation of scientific knowledge for formulating strategies for adaptation to climate change (CISKA)

The aim of this project is to quantify and to value the carbon storage in and the CO2 emission from the Indonesian Seas caused by declining coastal ecosystems for the development of sustainable mitigation strategies in the framework of compensation-based institutional approaches to reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore a budget for the organic and the inorganic carbon cycle will be established by determining long-term organic and inorganic carbon accumulation rates as well as carbon exports from coastal ecosystems into the ocean and the atmosphere. In order to account for the different succession of ecosystems in peat and non-peat dominated coastal regions, three main working areas were bilateral agreed and selected: the peat-dominated eastern coast of Sumatra, the coral reef-dominated carbonate platform in the Spermonde Archipelago and the Banten Bay close to Jakarta.

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Subproject 1
Impact of river discharges on the marine carbonate system and resulting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
Subproject 2
The role of seagrass beds in the coastal carbon cycle
Subproject 3
Impact of river discharges on the carbon cycle in marine ecosystems of Indonesia based on sattellite and in situ data
Subproject 4
Investigation of the carbon transport in Indonesian Waters by means of model simulations and specifically designed field campaigns including studies of climate variability
Subproject 5
Effects of Indonesian coastal ecosystems degradation on the global carbon cycle
Subproject 6
Development of economic regulatory mitigation strategies for offsetting peatland carbon emissions
Subproject 7
Capacity building within CISKA, Carbon sequestration in the Indonesian Sea and its global significance: Generation of scientific knowledge for formulating strategies for adaptation to climate change


in Germany


Dr. Tim Rixen
Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT)
Fahrenheitstr. 6
28359 Bremen


in Indonesia


Dr. Andreas  A. Hutahaean
Research Centre for Coastal & Marine Resources

Agency for Research and Development of Marine and Fisheries
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP)
14430 Jakarta